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Meet The Team

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Lydia started meditation in 2015. A couple of years later, she went to a Vipassana silent retreat to deepen her understanding of meditation. The consistent practice of meditation and journaling has transformed her in many ways. It also inspired her to create Flow Journal to make self-discovery easier for others.

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Product Designer

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Manuel has a multi-disciplinary background. He's worked in different fields such as project management, engineering, education, and research. His goal is to incorporate human-centered design and design thinking on his everyday work. Whenever he is not wireframing, he is 3D printing, playing soccer, or cooking delicious meals!

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Emilie Wong

​Wellness Consultant

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Emilie is a yoga and meditation instructor and content creator, interested in engaging in creative art practices to motivate herself and others daily. She is currently living in Berlin, exploring online workshops in mandala design and guided writing practices.

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John Freire

​UX Researcher/

Graphic Designer

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John is always a trooper. He provides the team with the visuals for our app and website while assisting with user interviews and analysis.
He’s also our go-to for board games and bonding activities

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Justin Ahn


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Justin has shown a strong work ethic and the ability to adapt. He has experience in engineering, military, translating, teaching English, and bartending. He is also a great bowler and skateboarder.

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Ricky is a creative professional with an entrepreneurial flair.
She loves learning and understanding the connections between people and technology. She is also a proud twin mom, image stylist and photographer.

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