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Self Discovery

Made Simpler

Learn More About Yourself

One Entry at a Time

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At Your Own Breath

Regular Journaling

Track Your Progress

​With Privacy

At Your Own Pace

Mindful Journaling

Meditation Timer

​Weekly Insights

Why should you download?

Flow Journal: self-discovery is a mindful journaling app that offers meditation, journaling, and weekly progress tracking functionality.
You can easily meditate, and reflect on your meditation through writing. With consistent practice of Mindful Journaling, you can gain more clarity of your state of mind and well-being.

What They’re Saying

It gives me a reminder that throughout all the chaos I'm still in control of how I react to things, be they good or bad.

Kelisha B.

Keeps me on track, helps establish a routine, keeps me motivated. It also gives me a greater sense of belonging.

Gill A.

Very comfortable to use.
Quite simple and doesn't
bombard you with information.
Quite granular with its prompts.

Kimberly F.

Thanks for


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